Jab sub kuch wakhra dissay

Change comes in waves, doesn’t it?
One day you’re lamenting the tedious, static state of your life, the next you’re all the way overwhelmed trying to juggle multiple facets of your life, all shifting all at once.

I went on holiday end of last year to shed the horrible state my life was in, the disgusting and toxic plague that had suddenly made its way into my life quite on its own with me being absolutely in the dark, and to some extent, it worked. I rushed back into my life energized, confident that I am now stronger for it, that even if some part of the plague was still in my life, I was on top of it and if I wasn’t, I had successfully suppressed the trauma of it.

But as the old lesson goes, you may trick your mind into thinking you’re past the bullshit, but suppression leads to stress showing up in different ways in your body. It’s a bit like that time Homer Simpson had those rage lumps:



I can tell you rn, replace rage lumps with dangerously consistent twitchy eye and that’s my body telling me I am under stress yall. And that’s the mildest of the mild. I’m in awe of people who can juggle different facets of their life flawlessly, or can at least display composure, even if they’re screaming internally – because yagirl feels a lot like Liz Lemon at her worst, eating night cheese and crying a lot like how Seinfeld talks. Wo bhi at work.

But march on we must.
So here are some images to prove that while some things have not changed, like me being EXTRA, the places and people around me thrive & juggle successfully:





Given the erratic nature of this blog and this blogs author, I am making this post just to ensure there is SOME form of stability to be reintroduced.we can no longer expect our lives to be in any way shape or form, stable. Look at how hot it is this year. In my 32 years of life, I never remember karachi being THIS hot. And it’s a global phenomenon so u guess we will all die of climatic disasters before a zombie virus outbreak. Bleak, but a better alternative. I’d like to believe my last meal was on my own terms rather than some low IQ brains, wouldn’t you?

Anyway these are some heatstroke inspired images. Enjoyzz lain.

Sunshine: A course

Please bear witness to my dreary days in picture:


As they say: the sunshine feels like melted butter on the skin when it gets hot in Karachi, but have the exact right formula of joyous, unproblematic, carefree and courteous people + infrequent beach trips/abandoned train stations and fancy eateries where the chai is served THICC, and the sun is bearable, the heat even enjoyable, and I’m swimming by.

For now.

(not pictured: problematic but equally significant people/person).

2017/18 – The Essentials

Here’s a declaration. 2018 was quite possibly the worst year of my entire life, not counting the ones wherein my Mom was diagnosed (twice) with that utter bitch cancer. The last 5 years I kept on declaring that THIS has been a year full of lessons and life-teachings but nothing came close to 2018. It was quite like my entire person was picked up by a giant fist, squeezed in the way of a massive Indian burn, then flicked off into open space and left to my own device to return to original form. This is not even an exaggeration, as my friends and colleagues can attest.

But, as is the nature of us dheet human beings, I survived it. I hopped onto 2019 on an incredible high, determined to be undeterred and unbothered, grounded in reality and poised to be one of those people that can let go of things without pining after them for 7000 years like a silly bitch. And I’ll survive this one too, and the one after, and all the ones after that, whatever they throw at me.


This post features some of the highlights of the year, just some pinpricks of light in a fucking massive thick tar-like sea of garbage that was 2018.






I’m comin for you 2019.

Sights & Sounds P.I

November has been a really long month, October just whooshed past and November still has an entire week to go and I’m like, no, leave, vamanos.

Although I did not have a very happening month, adventure-wise, it was a month full of good things. These good things included Achievements borne out of pure hard work and Opportunities that came out of nowhere (the BEST kind). So in the spirit of these Achievements & Opportunities presenting future Adventures, here are some of this month’s highlights.

There are some locations in Malir Cantt that the rest of Karachi is sleeping on, which I think is how that town wants to keep it. There is a dairy shop in Cantt Bazaar serving the most delicious lassi I have ever consumed. There’s also a used bookstore/random assortments place called “The Book Station” within Cantt that houses a massive collection of books, none of them organized, by any category. It’s like a fun little hunt one can challenge themselves to if they’re looking for a title. And the title WILL be there if you look long enough. The bookshop also has a cozy little sofa situation set up, where big, mustached men lounge on with a cigarette dangling from their fingers and steaming cups of chai served right there. It is a sight to behold. I love seeing young kids at this shop, mostly because the books found there are nowhere else in the entirety of Karachi, even if they’re VERY pre-loved. That just adds character, I love opening these books and seeing little messages from children in there. Or inscriptions stating who gifted who this book, and when. If someone has a fascination with inscriptions, I definitely recommend visiting this place.

The city was also lit up for 12 Rabbi-ul-Awal celebrations, and the things I heard on TV, from bulging fat self-proclaimed Islamic scholars were honestly hilarious. Apparently, cell-phone based communication was present at the time of the Prophets, and several regularly gave intel to these scholars on the religious happenings from that time, somewhere like 3000 years ago. It is quite fun to make fun of the Americans for electing Trump, and to gape in horror at his white people following, but if gaping in horror is something one loves to do, they need not look any further than the massive followings of these bulging fat self-proclaimed Islamic scholars. The cries of adult men, the enthusiastic nodding and clapping and wahwah-ing is…wonderful.

The year’s coming to a close, and there are only good things ahead. Change is inevitable, but it comes quicker if you shed negativity that’s clinging off the coat-tails of your person. Hashtag blessed.

Dark hues and fun times @ Espresso

My favorite thing about growing older is getting comfortable in, and accepting, ones likes and dislikes. You’ve spent your 20s exploring all that there is to the world, and by the time you’re 30, you’re pretty much sure of what your preferences are, in people, places, food, outfits, sights etc. I mean you don’t have to tweak your surroundings to match your Aesthetic, but it’s nice to be in a place that sPeAks to yOuR sOuL and you feel comfortable in. This is not me waxing poetic about leather couches, but I love them dark leather couches and massive windows and the smell of bread and authentic, artisanal coffee in a nice, dark little eatery. Don’t @ me about Espresso because I sincerely doubt they do artisanal coffee, but I’d like to pretend. Since that’s all I have access to currently.

Espresso is more or less a regular haunt for people working in offices nearby, rich old ladies there to gossip with their girlfriends, important looking fat men smoking cigars over contract documents and whatever else. They don’t allow pets but when I imagine Espresso, I also imagine big muscular dogs sitting at coffee tables being fed chunks of red meat. Anyway, my point is, Espresso is a coffee place, and you wouldn’t expect their food to be as great as it is, but it is great. Large portions, heavy on the condiments, delicious DELICIOUS coffee, one of their servers is a legit Pakistani Kim Kardash I kid not, and their interiors give off this big, clunky industrial look that doesn’t particularly mesh in well with the comfy leather sofa, but somehow, it works. The thin, longass windows offer glimmers of shimmering light, the coffee counters are always empty because the window opens to the valet parking spots and beggars looking in, and their little bakery makes some of the most delicious cakes. I am never one to betray my bae chocolate cake when I go to Espresso, but I did try out their carrot cake this one time. Let me tell you, warm, soft, fluffy cake with an equally warm icing sprinkled with spices? Twas heavenly. Imagine that with a steaming mug of caramel coffee. Good lord.

The food is delicious, the prices are what you’d expect in a city like Karachi, and it is located on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz amidst Lals Chocolatiers and Liberty Books, so I mean, it’s hard to not spend at least 4 hours on that street. I recommend it.

Shout & About @ Esquires Coffee

I have always been opposed to caramel and fudge, preferring instead the sultry, bitter taste of dark chocolate. This is not just limited to consuming chocolate, but in beverages also. I have spent a lot of time trying out different varieties of Hot Chocolate/Drinking Chocolate varieties available in Pakistan (a meager 5 brands all over Karachi), and have failed in my attempts to find a good bitter hot chocolate. Restaurants in the city don’t serve hot chocolate in any varieties that DON’T taste like hot milo, which is just abysmal. Thus, I decided to branch out, and be open to other flavors. I went to Esquires Coffee some time ago and, although my goal was to try out the highly recommended Chicken Cobb Salad (???), I instead decided to try out their Salted Caramel Coffee. I don’t rightly know which coffee beans they use, or which flavoring, but damn if I didn’t flash back to a non-existent time where I was at Hogwarts sipping hot butterbeer with my nerd magic friends. It was not at all like Butterbeer, but it sure looked like it, and tasted better (I assume). Thus, this post here is to gush about my goldenboy, this bitch:


I did try out some savory food items from their lunch menu also, accompanied by enthusiastic girlfriends who supported my habit of excessive and shameless photography of the venue. However, the food was bland enough that I don’t even remember what I ate. I do remember secretly making a note in my mind to never eat a full meal at a coffee house again, though. Seriously, don’t.

The premises is what intrigued me the most. You walk in and are assaulted by beautiful smells of freshly baked bread and even beautifuler servers. The ground floor is painted a grand white with lots of cozy blue furniture. A gigantic bookcase lines the walls, with a weird assortment of classics and murder serials? Which I forgave them for because the books were propped against lovely plants. I’m not entirely sure if this is what will attract people to go to Esquire though, but it definitely made me feel good about being there. The first floor is a confusing mesh of tables, counters, plants, lights and kitschy artworks. The walls have weird romanticized quotes about coffee for Basic Bitches like me, and the staircase is adorned with vintage concert posters. It’s like the art in the place can’t decide if it wants to be desi or angrez. But none of that matters, because the coffee was bomb. 10/10 will try again. Only coffee though. Seriously.